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  • Sting: Army Cadets 7 (Part 1 of 2)

    Army Cadets 7

    Recruit training and regimental discipline is an ongoing part in the making of an efficient young soldier. In the 12th field Cavalry Regiment the training officers make sure this is maintained! Two recruits have been getting themselves in to trouble of late and are now on a charge, having to report to their superiors.

    The first is Trooper Rush (Ariel Varga) he is charged with insubordination. His training officer (James Holt) won’t make a record of it but will give this cheeky young soldier a thrashing with his switch.


    This little stinger always gets a young lads complete attention when it bites cruelly in to his bare bottom.


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  • New Sting Download – Army Cadet

    In Army Cadet, the new Sting download directed by Jonathan Fox, army Troopers Jones (Jason Kingsley) and Fox (Richie Sachs) decide to have a night out on the town their behaviour and general conduct shocks the locals. On hearing this their troop commander is furious. However in order to maintain B sections good name the Lieutenant decides the matter can be settled off the record. He instructs the Sgt Major to make sure young troopers, Fox and Jones, receive a good hiding.

    Without a do the Sgt Major orders the lads to report to the gym and alerts the Colour Sergeant (Rusty) to administer a hard spanking to the disgraced troopers followed by the cane.

    After this as promised to the hapless lads the Sgt Major himself will lay on the birch. After a good long and hard spanking on their firm backsides and 24 cuts of the cane and birch, well laid on, both troopers will now have trouble sitting comfortably in the saddle of their mounts!

    After the punishment they are both dismissed to the sick bay to alleviate the throbbing sting in their bare backsides with a welcoming layer of disinfecting crème. From that day on the young troopers would not forget what true hard military discipline means to an Army Cadet!


    Army Cadet download

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