Young Athletes’ First Spanking – Coach Goes First!

 First Spanking for young athletes


The gym trainer presented two of his athletes to the master. Peter who is 20, and 18-year-old Danny, they are to be tested to see if they can endure a good spanking. Surprisingly, even to the coach was asked to try a good spanking as well, to show his strength and courage to his boys. He is spanked by hand and with leather belt over master’s knee. What will be his reaction and that of his boys? .




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One Response to Young Athletes’ First Spanking – Coach Goes First!

  1. Avatar corriea
    corriea says:

    7/14/17 3:20p Jock Spank Young Athlete’s First Spanking The Coach Goes First
    The Coach Denny gets his Due by the Master while Peter
    and Adam ‘Stiff’ Viktor watch,
    We already witnessed Peter and Adam Viktor’s spanking.
    Now were told the Coach went first!
    I was hoping to see Adam Viktor get his Ass spanked!
    Denny spanked Peter and Adam Viktor with Peter
    first then both together!
    They got their his Asses pummeled by Denny.
    Peter is enjoying seeing Denny Naked OTK and Spanked!
    Peter laughs at Denny OTK of the Master and Howling!
    Great Sight!!
    Adam Viktor is staring Stiff as a board!
    With No Reaction!
    Denny is Big Tan Furry Fuzzy Beard and Dark Mohawk Hair Do!
    The Master Belts Denny’s Ass and gives a Hard Hand Spanking OTK!
    Denny tries to Block the Masters Hand several times!
    It is some sight to this Big Ape OTK and Harshly
    Spanked by the Master!
    Let’s see Adam Viktor spanking Denny and even Peter
    given a shot at Denny’s Butt!