Saturday Spankables

On a chilly February morning, isn’t it nice to have the SATURDAY SPANKABLES to give us a warm glow!


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Thanks to Scott Norway for kicking off today’s spankables with this selection












We can always rely on Sting’s Richard O’Shea to track down some hot spankables.












My fellow host Bruce found these guys roaming wild on his Spankable ranch!













5 Responses to Saturday Spankables

  1. keep up the good work lads xx

  2. More open hole shots please… ; )

  3. Please keep several LADS for me.

  4. These pics are bad ! What anonymous asses !

  5. Fantastic spanklables from Scott, Rich and Bruce. All those buttz need to get lit up. . . . 🙂 I’m planning a similar spankable post soon—stay tuned.