East Europe Boys – Update #2

The second of this week’s two updates from East Europe Boys.  Links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership. 


The pledge to pay for the roses to give to his girlfriend, is still to be paid, and Petr knows very well, that that the most painful part is still to come. So his ass is flogged with a leather belt, and he then receives a vigorous and painful spanking by hand. 


0145 army (part 1)

The soldier Christian reports to the marshal, to be punished, he strips and submits his bare ass for his punishment. His marshal punishes him over the its knees with two different wooden paddles and then by heavy hand.


PETR MA. (part 1)

Petr is awaiting the arrival of the master. When the master arrives, Christian gets up immediately and begins to get ready for the punishment. He strips and lies down on the table, submitting his naked body. Then Petr is punished with the cane on the soles of the feet (bastinado), and then spanked by hand on the bare ass and on the ass hole.

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