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  • Punishment at Cornwall Naval Barracks

     I understand that Punishment at Cornwall Naval Barracks was one of the fist Male spanking videos to come out during the 1980’s but I do not know much more about it than that, including which studio produced it.  Is there a JockSpankl visitor who can supply more information about this movie?


    Thanks for Disney, Anonymous and CP who have left comments confirming that “Punishment at Cornwall Naval Barracks” was made by those great pioneers of early Male Spanking videos Studio 7.

    Thanks also to CP for supplying the following link to the Studio 7 site: http://studio7video.homestead.com/

  • The Definitive Jock

    “Definitive” may be an exaggeration, however, thanks to Helmut for what must be the most complete collection of images from this classic Studio 7 photo-shoot from a quarter of a century, or more, ago. Sadly as far as I know this session was a photo-shoot and was not filmed, so no video is available. However, maybe one day one of the studios might re-create what is certainly an iconic scene (are you listening Sting, Spanking Central, MancSpank and Mans Hand?).

    Studio 7 made a number of spanking videos in the 1980’s including the classic “Abide by my rules”, and I understand their back catalogue is still available, however, I do not have their website address, if someone can send it to me, I will be happy to link to them.

    Studio 7 Catalogue cover circa 1980’s


    This photo set pre-dates 18.USC.5527 requirements