BBFC: Cal on The Table

A requested clip for Cal by RK USA.  It is unusual to get a request for a lad to be spanked with the long shoe horn, especially Cal, so it was a must do. Cal in his tight white underwear looks great as he lays on the table, a hard surface makes squirming harder so he has to lay there and take it.


The long shoe horn is a  real butt stinger and his underwear offer no protection at all. This is seen when they are pulled down and his red butt is exposed. Some great angles on this muscular butt as the shoe horn falls. Cals face at the end says it all. A great way to spanking a sexy guy.

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One Response to BBFC: Cal on The Table

  1. Cal is a handsome, athletic model, and those tight, skimpy white briefs accentuate his fine physique and very spankable ass. In addition, this video has a long scene in which Cal is spanked on the seat of his briefs before his briefs are pulled down for the bare-assed finale. Very good.

    If Cal had been spanked OTK rather than on a table, and if there had been more face shots of Cal groaning and grimacing more emotionally during his spanking, this would have been a great video. However, Cal is so attractive and his skimpy white briefs are so erotic that I enjoyed this video.

    In sum, not a great video, but a very good one. I wish BBFC made more videos like this, i.e. videos starring hunky bottom models and with long seat-of-briefs spanking scenes.